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Skinny Teen Braces FacialSkinny Teen Braces FacialSkinny Teen Braces Facial

This super hot cutie sucks cock like a real pro, with some great hand speed. Watch her handsome boyfriend cum all over her face, in her eyes and all over her braces. Such a sticky mess! And she really seems to enjoy it smiling all the way!

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Blonde German Cumslut

Blonde German CumslutBlonde German CumslutBlonde German Cumslut

This hot German Blonde slut just loves to tease and to flash on her vacation. When they are back at their vacation hotel she fucks and sucks her boyfriend crazy. To take a facial this way, sitting down, looking up, you have to be a real cumslut!

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Stripper Girl FacialStripper Girl FacialStripper Girl Facial

This is a semi pro video of a great video site called partyhardcore. There are several male stripper fucking pro girls, but to make it interesting there are also a lot of extra hot girls that are being paid to just dance sexy. Every once in a while one get caught up in the moment like this hot chick that takes a huge blast on her face and with huge regrets afterwards….Priceless!!!

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Hot MILF FacialHot MILF FacialHot MILF Facial

Take a look at this hot series of a hot MILF Facial wive which sucks and also spreads her asshole for your viewing pleasure.

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CFNM Big FacialCFNM Big FacialCFNM Big Facial

This fully clothed girls is taking some special care of this guys balls while he is stroking his cock and getting ready to place a big load of sperm all over her pretty face. I just love it when a pretty girl leaves something to the imagenation.

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Teen Picnic Facial

Teen Picnic FacialTeen Picnic FacialTeen Picnic Facial

Don’t you just love taking your girlfriend out into the woods for a romantic walk and lay her down on her back to suck of your cock and then spray the cum all over her pretty face. I know someone who does :)

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Facial In Public Toilet

Facial In Public ToiletFacial In Public ToiletFacial In Public Toilet

This german slut is walking in the afternoon outside and is really eager to suck her boyfriends cock! She pulls him into a public toilet and starts sucking his big dick taking it deeper and deeper in her mouth. Watch him explode all over her face and see her smile all covered in cum. She wears that facial well!

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Young Wive FacialYoung Wive FacialYoung Wive Facial

This young recently married couple make their first little porno video and share it with a couple of friends. What they don’t know that they put it online for all of you to see. The hottest thing about this video is that this good slut wive keeps on sucking with her face covered in cum!

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Blonde Girl Messy FacialBlonde Girl Messy FacialBlonde Girl Messy Facial

Sometimes when you browse the internet you find the perfect girl in the perfect situation. This guy gets with hookers in a hotel room somewhere in Prague and seduces them with money and his big cock and shoots enormous loads of cum all over their faces. Look at this one getting totally covered in cum and she doesn’t really seem to mind.

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Cute Chick Cumshot

Cute Chick CumshotCute Chick CumshotCute Chick Cumshot

Another Czech prostitute being facialized by an internet legend: Epic Facial Guy! For those who have the money, just travel to the Czech Republic and find yourself beautiful girls like this guy and tape whatever sick things you want to do with them. Enjoy this great amateur vid of this cute girl!

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Chubby Amateur Sucks For FacialChubby Amateur Sucks For FacialChubby Amateur Sucks For Facial

Even though you might not be into chubby chicks like me, you can’t miss out on the amateur video. First it starts with some masturbation, which can be skipped ofcourse to get to the really good part: The blowjob and the jizz all over her face! This guy shoots his load all over the place and gets her face good and sticky!

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Awesome Fuck And FacialAwesome Fuck And FacialAwesome Fuck And Facial

The guy who shoots this vids is becoming a real internet hero. This dude pics up Czech prostitutes and films them with his great camera from all angles and surprises them with a huge cumshot landing on their faces. So you can expect a great looking girl getting fucked, facialized and paid in this video!

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Homemade Amateur FacialHomemade Amateur FacialHomemade Amateur Facial

Look at this cute girl with perfect green cumhungry eyes suck her mans cock and recieve a great, well videotaped, facial. Look at her cute smile, even when she has a big load of sperm in her eyes.

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Cute Brunette FacialCute Brunette FacialCute Brunette Facial

I just love it when a good amateur blowjob scene with a great cumshot has a slowmotion to see everything splash all over her face. He shoots her just straight in her left eye with a perfect load of jizz.

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Amateur Deepthroat Vid

Amateur Deepthroat VidAmateur Deepthroat VidAmateur Deepthroat Vid

This guy has several videos floating around on the net and he has the matching nickname: “epic cumshot guy” and man this guy does some great one man bukkake movies. This brunette almost drowns in his sperm as he gives her a well deserved sticky facial

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Blowing Cum Bubbles

Blowing Cum BubblesBlowing Cum BubblesBlowing Cum Bubbles

I believe this girl is called Kris and she has a few more amateur facial vids on the internet, but this one must the the one with the best and biggest facial. She doesn’t like it at all as she recieves the moneyshot in her eyez!

Teen Blow And Facial

Teen Blow And FacialTeen Blow And FacialTeen Blow And Facial

This teen with near perfect tits does everything she can to get as much cum on her face as possible. She jerks her boyfriend very very hard and holds his dick as close as possible to her face to recieve maximum cum on her pretty face.

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Italian Mature CumshotItalian Mature CumshotItalian Mature Cumshot

She starts off with a no handed blowjob and sucks hem deep in the back of her throat. This tattooed amateur MILF then recieves a big facial all over her pretty face and in her pretty brown eyes

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Homemade Roleplay Blowjob

Homemade Roleplay BlowjobHomemade Roleplay BlowjobHomemade Roleplay Blowjob

To keep you sexlife exciting, all you got to do is dress up in hot lingerie and pretend that you are a hooker and suck your hubby for money. A huge cumload on her glasses and all over the rest of her face.

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Tugjob POV Massive FacialTugjob POV Massive FacialTugjob POV Massive Facial

This girl gives a great tugjob and gets covered in warm sperm. Great POV camera work with a very very hot teen babe.

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Public Dressing Room Facial

Public Dressing Room FacialPublic Dressing Room FacialPublic Dressing Room Facial

If you like CFNM porn and if you like hot girl getting covered with a huge facial with the change of getting caught? Well, take a look at this exhibitionist couple in a dressingroom. Fantastic blowjob action followed by a big jizzload!

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Mature Jerks Of Husband

Mature Jerks Of HusbandMature Jerks Of HusbandMature Jerks Of Husband

This mature woman gives her husband a good tugjob and gets her face covered in thick cum! She can’t even open her eyes anymore since he just cummed all over them

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Nerd Recieves Facial

Nerd Recieves FacialNerd Recieves FacialNerd Recieves Facial

This Russian Prostitute is wearing fake glasses to prevent cum to come in her eyes. It makes her look kinda nerdy and I definetly dig that look. Great blowjob with her face full of cum!

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MILF Beach Facial

MILF Beach FacialMILF Beach FacialMILF Beach Facial

This hot MILF is on her 2 knees and is only interested in one thing, and one thing only. She wants his cum and she wants it all over her pretty mature face. He manages to shoot a lot of Cum in her eyes, not only the left one, but also her right eye gets full of jizz. Enjoy this hot amateur facial!

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German Dressing Room Facial

German Dressing Room FacialGerman Dressing Room FacialGerman Dressing Room Facial

This German Mature is in a sexy outfit in a public dressing room and she gets on her 2 knees and sucks of her hubby pretty good. These are the best shopping trips you can get as a man. It makes all the waiting in the stores worth while when you get to girlfriend a great cumshot facial like this MILF from Germany gets. Look at her blow cum bubbles, super sexy.

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