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Petite Clara Doesnt Like Cum

Petite Clara Doesnt Like CumPetite Clara Doesnt Like CumPetite Clara Doesnt Like Cum

This petite Danish teen Clara gets fucked really hard and does a great deepthroat blowjob, especially for such a little girl. Even though the cumshot isn’t huge, she doesn’t seem to enjoy it. She’s afraid to even open her eyes :)

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Tiny Tit Teen Facial Dislike

Tiny Tit Teen Facial DislikeTiny Tit Teen Facial DislikeTiny Tit Teen Facial Dislike

Wow, this girl really doesn’t want to get cum on her face, but she doesn’t seem in the position to avoid the inevitable. ALl over her hair, tits, in her eyes… This guy just keeps on spraying

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Stripper Girl Facial

Stripper Girl FacialStripper Girl FacialStripper Girl Facial

This is a semi pro video of a great video site called partyhardcore. There are several male stripper fucking pro girls, but to make it interesting there are also a lot of extra hot girls that are being paid to just dance sexy. Every once in a while one get caught up in the moment like this hot chick that takes a huge blast on her face and with huge regrets afterwards….Priceless!!!

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Blonde Girl Messy Facial

Blonde Girl Messy FacialBlonde Girl Messy FacialBlonde Girl Messy Facial

Sometimes when you browse the internet you find the perfect girl in the perfect situation. This guy gets with hookers in a hotel room somewhere in Prague and seduces them with money and his big cock and shoots enormous loads of cum all over their faces. Look at this one getting totally covered in cum and she doesn’t really seem to mind.

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Cute Chick Cumshot

Cute Chick CumshotCute Chick CumshotCute Chick Cumshot

Another Czech prostitute being facialized by an internet legend: Epic Facial Guy! For those who have the money, just travel to the Czech Republic and find yourself beautiful girls like this guy and tape whatever sick things you want to do with them. Enjoy this great amateur vid of this cute girl!

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Cute Brunette Facial

Cute Brunette FacialCute Brunette FacialCute Brunette Facial

I just love it when a good amateur blowjob scene with a great cumshot has a slowmotion to see everything splash all over her face. He shoots her just straight in her left eye with a perfect load of jizz.

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Amateur Deepthroat Vid

Amateur Deepthroat VidAmateur Deepthroat VidAmateur Deepthroat Vid

This guy has several videos floating around on the net and he has the matching nickname: “epic cumshot guy” and man this guy does some great one man bukkake movies. This brunette almost drowns in his sperm as he gives her a well deserved sticky facial

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Blowing Cum Bubbles

Blowing Cum BubblesBlowing Cum BubblesBlowing Cum Bubbles

I believe this girl is called Kris and she has a few more amateur facial vids on the internet, but this one must the the one with the best and biggest facial. She doesn’t like it at all as she recieves the moneyshot in her eyez!

Mature Jerks Of Husband

Mature Jerks Of HusbandMature Jerks Of HusbandMature Jerks Of Husband

This mature woman gives her husband a good tugjob and gets her face covered in thick cum! She can’t even open her eyes anymore since he just cummed all over them

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MILF Wants Cum

MILF Wants CumMILF Wants CumMILF Wants Cum

Kind of a strange movie, because this hot mature woman is on her knees and really wants to have the cum on her face, but when he ejaculates she’s closing her eyes very hard and almost runs to the bathroom. This is a real cum dislike video, but kinda isn’t, do you get what i mean? :) Just take a look at the difference between the first and second preview picture and you’ll get. Still an excellent MILF facial!

milf-wants-cum.wmv – 18 MB

Cute Amateur Teen Titscum

Cute Amateur Teen TitscumCute Amateur Teen TitscumCute Amateur Teen Titscum

This is a cute tiny teen that is very shy and probably at her first porn set. She gets undress feeling very uneasy and needs to be told what to do. But even though the start is a little bit uneasy, she gets on her knees and starts sucking dick and lets herself get fucked. It seems that her pussy is really tight, because it’s hurting a bit and his dick isn’t enourmous. Look at how this tiny chick takes a cumshot on her tits and is really discusted by it. Damn funny….

Cute Amateur Teen Titscum.avi – 100.1 MB

Cumshot Clara Hates Facials

Cumshot Clara Hates FacialsCumshot Clara Hates FacialsCumshot Clara Hates Facials

This is the same Danish amateur Clara that gets fucked hard. This time only in her tiny, perfectly shaved pussy and not her ass. But after all it’s about the cumshots and DAMN that’s great. She really hates it and can’t wait to get it of her face. She tries very hard to keep the sperm out of her mouth, but doesn’t succed :)

Cumshot-Clara.wmv – 242.5 MB

Young Teen Facial

Young Teen Facial


This Teeny Bopper is 19 years old and comes from California. She knows why she’s behind the camera. She’s very horny and she want to suck a nice hard dick. There is some great amateur hardcore fucking action is this movie! It’s pretty great how deep this Young Tiny Teen can take his cock down her throat. She doesn’t really likes the cum on her face and in her eyes! The biggest load of cum she ever had!

LeonyBitch – Geiler Cumshot

LeonyBitch - Geiler Cumshot


LeonyBitch is a German slut that posts her facial movies on In this particulair cumshot vid, she’s waiting patiently on her knees, dressed in some kinky net-panties. She gets a huge load of cum all over her face and cum in her eyes.

High School Blowjob

High School Blowjob


I bet she’s something of a high school chearleader or something given her perfect body and blond hair. This cute blonde is sucking her boyfriends dick pretty hard as he grabs her head and shoves the cock even further down her throat. He manage to shoot his cum right up her nose as he’s laying on his back.

Amateur Facial While Sleeping

Facial While SleepingIf i would do this to my girlfriend she’d go mad i think! This beautiful young teen is sleeping and her horny boyfriend can’t control hisself and cums right in her face! She doesn’t like the cum at all! There is even a second part where she blows and gets another jizzload in the face!
Girls do porn and thank god for that! This facial amateur video is one of the best i’ve seen in a while. She’s toying herself, gets tapped on the body and gets on her knees in the Give me a facial position! She doesn’t like sperm, but that makes this homegrown cumshot movie even hotter!

Outdoor CFNM Cumshot

Huge Outdoor FacialThis Wife makes a great outdoor cumshot movie! She jerks her hubby and holds his clock so close to the face that there isn’t a single drup of sperm that doesn’t land on her head at first!

Amateur Bukkake Video

Free Bukkake MovieThis amateur blonde girl is covered in cum and just laying on her back, waiting for the next guy to shoot his cumload over her face, tits and the rest of her pretty body

Blowjob And Cumshot

Blonde Amateur Girl FacialThis might not be one of the biggest cumshots i’ve ever seen, but i love the way she smiles right before she get his warm jizz on her pretty head :)

Homegrown Facial Dislike

Homemade Facial DislikeThis slut doesn’t see to like it at all. He’s forcing her to deepthroat him and gives her a facial, even though she doesn’t like it at all! He’s a lucky bastard!

Best Facials Newbienudes

NewbienudesThis is the place to find the best facials ever! is the place to be! Look at this hot slut take a big load!

Fucking In The Woods

Public Facial In The Woods
Nothing beats a nice day in the woods. Getting naked with your girlfriend, fucking her from behind, letting her suck your cock and spray a big load of cum on her young, pretty face!

Thick Load Of Cum

Amateur Dislike FacialLook at this ebony amateur getting a face full of cum! She doesn’t seem to like it at all! :)

Newbienudes Facial

Newbienudes FacialLook at this amateur teen taking a great facial.

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